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8 Different Lengths

Gold Fever™ hair is available in 8 different lengths.

No More Excess Strands

Gold Fever™ hair strands can be purchased in multiples of 5, avoiding the unnecessary purchase of excess strands and giving you more flexibility with your orders. This applies to all lengths of hair, excluding 24″ (60cm) and 26″ (65cm) where the minimum order for these lengths is 100 strands.

Online Purchasing

Gold Fever™ hair purchasing is brought to you on our new bespoke e-commerce platform which is safe and secure, meeting the e-commerce safety standards . This is designed to make ordering more efficient, safe and accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Faster Application

Gold Fever™ has produced an advanced application machine not only requiring substantially less maintenance on the application tool but also enabling a faster single strand application.

Enhanced Colour Formula

Gold Fever™ A new organic colouring process ensures more vibrant and attractive colours.

Gold Fever Guarantee

Gold Fever™ knows the importance of delivering on time and more importantly, exactly what was ordered.

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